Stimulus, reflex, learning cycle

This is a simple stimulus-reflection

Why should we study?See this question, you may be confused, of course we have to learn!Learning enables us to master skills, how to survive, how to avoid danger, how to read and write, how to get a promotion or a raise.

Stimulus, reflex, learning cycle

But you know what?In many cases, life takes place without learning — even if the more important, basic, and vital life activities are, the less learning is required.

The interaction between an animal and its environment can be achieved in many cases simply by generating a reflex in response to the stimulus.So why do we need to learn?

Today, we’re going to look at what a stimulus is — a reflex — and then think about why we learn.

What is the stimulus reflex?

To put it simply, “improvise.”In response to a particular environmental stimulus, an animal can generate a certain kind of motion feedback.

In many cases, with a flexible brain, an animal can cope with what happens in life and survive safely.

This procedure is a bit like an if then else statement in a computer programming language.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t learned how to program. We often use this logic in our daily life.

For example: When you get home, you want to turn on the light bulb.

The logic behind this simple action actually goes like this:

If — If the light bulb is off now;

Then — Just press the button to turn it on;

Else — If this is not the case, that is, if the light bulb is always on, then nothing needs to be done.

This is a very simple stimulus-reflection model.

We can see that in order to interact with the outside world, this stimulus-reflection model must have sensory systems to sense the stimulus, to know whether the light is now on or off.

In addition, it certainly requires a motor system that controls the hand to push the switch after the brain has made a decision based on information from the stimulus.

In animals, a lot of activity follows the pattern of stimulus-reflexes.

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  1. In response to certain environmental stimuli, animals can produce a kind of motor feedback called improvisation.Floor Lord this article is written very well, the style of writing is beautiful, the idea is profound, the effect is very big.

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