No matter how right you are

Many of the world’s most important problems are solvable.It may take years or more to answer;It can always be there — exam stress will always be there — and you can’t take it away.Leadership is basically a problem solvable, easy to solve and I can do it myself, I don’t need your leadership.

Leadership, responsibility, lessons learned

The leader cannot deny the problem at this time.The mother above can suppress her daughter’s emotions in a more aggressive manner, which is the instinctive reaction of many bad parents.Overwhelmed by the kids (followers), the problem seems to disappear, along with the kids’ energy and their own loss of leadership.This is the process of parents becoming ghosts from gods.

Leaders can’t pretend to have an answer.It seems that if you talk a little jargon and say something new, the solution will be readily available.

The leader should take immediate action. The purpose of action is to remove fear and ease anxiety.The mother immediately gave her daughter an emotional hug for a long time. She did not express any opinions directly on the college entrance examination, nor could she change the college entrance examination. However, this action reduced the fear and anxiety of her followers, completed the empowerment of her followers, increased her resilience, and saved her from despair or inaction under the pressure of solving problems.Leadership is more about such small events, a word, a look, a hug, inspiring followers to take responsibility.Through this kind of small accumulation, finally unknowingly solved the problem of anti-solution.

No matter how right you are, if the fact is that it increases fear and anxiety, it is a failed leader, and neither the leader nor the follower ends well.

It’s hard to be a leader. You have a double challenge. You have to eliminate your own fears and anxieties, and then you have to eliminate the fears and anxieties of your followers.But you really love your follower, feel his pain and struggle, and it is not difficult, just like a mother who is afraid inside, but instinctively and firmly give her child a long hug.When coupled with conscious development and training, leadership is naturally more powerful.

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