Leadership, responsibility, lessons learned

Leaders can’t pretend to have an answer

No matter how many types of leadership there are, and how much debate there is about leadership, one thing is certain: humans have never needed leadership.

Leadership, responsibility, lessons learned

One of the biggest biases people have against leaders is that it’s far from me.The prime minister who formulated the response to the financial crisis;The academicians who have overcome the epidemic, they are the leaders, they need to know about leadership.They don’t know that they are the leaders.They should also have leadership, or they will be bad leaders.

Wherever there are relationships between people, there will be leadership, and there will be leadership.Leadership is a “gravitational” relationship between leaders and followers.So the people who should know the most about leadership are the ordinary people, the parents, not the ceos and heads of state.

Here’s a perfect example of a mom practicing leadership:

People actually prefer to be followers, like the kids above.Because accountability and responsibility often bring fear, followers can transfer this fear to the leader.Followers give authority to leaders and even deify them. For example, in the eyes of children, parents are gods.And God is not easy. God wants to solve all problems.If the problem is not solved, the leader will become a scapegoat, and followers will betray him, humiliate him, or even kill him.

Many of the world’s most important problems are solvable.It may take years or more to answer;It can always be there — exam stress will always be there — and you can’t take it away.Leadership is basically a problem solvable, easy to solve and I can do it myself, I don’t need your leadership.

The leader cannot deny the problem at this time.The mother above can suppress her daughter’s emotions in a more aggressive manner, which is the instinctive reaction of many bad parents.Overwhelmed by the kids (followers), the problem seems to disappear, along with the kids’ energy and their own loss of leadership.This is the process of parents becoming ghosts from gods.

Leaders can’t pretend to have an answer.It seems that if you talk a little jargon and say something new, the solution will be readily available.

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  1. If you speak a little jargon and Newspeak, solutions are easy to come by.Floor Lord this article is written very well, the style of writing is beautiful, the idea is profound, the effect is very big.

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