Middle-aged, confused, struggling

The two children are introverted like me

Problems encountered:

Middle-aged, confused, struggling

(1) Without communication skills, career breakthrough is impossible

I am not good at words, can not “come”, introverted, born in the countryside, very inferiority, and difficult to communicate with colleagues and friends, especially the boss, cause the current career bottleneck, unable to get a breakthrough in the position.In my eyes, those who graduated from “pheasant universities” became middle-level leaders, and their hearts were a little unbalanced.

Because he is not good at words, can’t “come”, don’t know “the way of the world”, can’t get along well with colleagues in work, and even know few people from different departments of the company, so he can’t open his “personal brand”, and can’t get support from all departments in his career, so it is difficult to make a breakthrough in his career.

I think My personality is too shy, afraid to contact with people, eyes are afraid to interweave with others, such as the way to meet people, especially unfamiliar big leaders.I have been in the company for several years, and I don’t know many colleagues and leaders in other departments. When I meet them on the road, I am afraid to say hello because I don’t know who they are. In many cases, People’s eyes come to me, but I avoid them.There are also some times, I am not good at finding others, others see me, smile at me, I did not see others, others think I am too drag, in fact, I really did not see.

(2) Children’s education

The two children are introverted like me, so they are a little afraid to go to the training class (But the mother thinks it is normal for the child to be a little shy, but I am quite worried. I am afraid that they are like me, but they have their own personality, so I can’t blame the child, because the child is also a victim).The eldest two grade, the second kindergarten middle class, currently do not have any training classes.My mother doesn’t like family affairs very much. She thinks children should be left alone. They can handle it by themselves.My idea, the child training class need not go up too much, but not at all also say not in the past, at least the physical education studies the same, the culture course studies the same, cultivate a child’s interest and endurance.But my mother didn’t think the same way. She thought that if the child wanted to go, he would go, and if the child didn’t, he wouldn’t go.At present, the two children are free range, playing by themselves.The eldest brother is not willing to read, the grade is below average, at present we also stare at her to read a little every day, but on the whole our adult attention is still too little, a little make the same effort, because the child really does not like to read, to spend a lot of effort to deal with the child, also can not beat scold angry, a lot of times feel powerless.

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  1. The child’s interest and endurance.But my mother thought differently.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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