Middle-aged, confused, struggling

I went to Shenzhen to work and have children

I am writing to you as a middle-aged man who is a little confused. Whether I can get a reply or not, I will also sort out my thoughts and my understanding of myself.

Middle-aged, confused, struggling

A brief introduction to yourself:

39 years old, born in rural (called phoenix man), 211 university graduate degree, major in engineering, national registered engineers, developers, designers work (but small), a happy family, on our own efforts, two suites of shenzhen, huizhou a suite, a car, in addition to no other liabilities, a son and a woman, and his wife relationships and family annual income of about 600000.

Growth Experience:

As I was born in a poor family in the countryside, my mother also encouraged me in a bitter way. In the process of growing up, I was sometimes bullied by others in my family, which led to my pessimism about the world and human nature.

From the first grade of primary school, I began to study hard, can be summed up as: gnash teeth reading, holding a fly out of the strength of reading, thinking, such as I read out, I don’t play with you, you ask me I ignore you.This state of mind must be wrong, and it may be this state of mind that makes me so easily hostile to others that I cannot truly be friends with others.

Although I degree is high, but I feel my ability of reading, self-study ability is very poor, the school is the exam-oriented education, reading by manual, death strike down, did you read any reference books, feel time is too precious, all have to use lessons at school, even I have been is in nervous condition studying life, often feel nervous, heart beat very fast.

After graduation, I went to Shenzhen to work and have children.

Problems encountered:

(1) Without communication skills, career breakthrough is impossible

I am not good at words, can not “come”, introverted, born in the countryside, very inferiority, and difficult to communicate with colleagues and friends, especially the boss, cause the current career bottleneck, unable to get a breakthrough in the position.In my eyes, those who graduated from “pheasant universities” became middle-level leaders, and their hearts were a little unbalanced.

Because he is not good at words, can’t “come”, don’t know “the way of the world”, can’t get along well with colleagues in work, and even know few people from different departments of the company, so he can’t open his “personal brand”, and can’t get support from all departments in his career, so it is difficult to make a breakthrough in his career.

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  1. Without communication skills, career breakthrough is impossible.Floor Lord this article is written very well, the style of writing is beautiful, the idea is profound, the effect is very big.

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