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After a child has graduated from high school

Zhang guimei’s cleverness lies in that she is not bound by fashionable and changeable words. She is very calm.In the interview, frankly said, I do is cramming education, because the children’s foundation is too poor, this is the only way to save them.

No matter how much you demonize cramming, it can get kids into college and out of the mountains, and that’s good.Quality-oriented education has been going on for nine days, and my children are going to fall on the ground, and that is not good.

Model of The Times, model teachers, spiritual guidance

Educators should learn from Teacher Zhang Guimei’s poise.Why do you send children to school?The first goal, of course, is for him to read well and get into a good university.

We try our best to do well in school, and the child cannot go to college.

Then we plan our life path according to his ability. But the initial goal is definitely to be admitted to a good university.If you can fill a good college, fill it. Yeah.

Cramming does not mean that not intelligent, low quality, often is able to discipline hard training, itself is an important quality.Admitted to the university, on the new platform, what should be made up, say.Solve different problems at different stages.

After a child has graduated from high school, the big education policy may change two or three times in the course of more than 10 years.

One is strict, the other is lax, one is happy, and the next is hard.While “we media” and “circle of friends” can change two or three times a day.

Chinese education is cursed as shit.The educator without composure, anxious to do not know what to do, is inevitable, the more hard, the more follow suit, the more painful.In fact, as long as we return to the most simple appeal, no matter what you say, a high score is a good way, can be admitted to a good university is a good way, smell again, taste good, determined not to change, just like Teacher Zhang Guimei.

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