Model of The Times, model teachers, spiritual guidance

No matter how much you demonize cramming

A few days ago, the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee decided to award Zhang Guimei, the party branch secretary and principal of Huaping Lijiang High School for Girls in Yunnan Province, the title of model of The Times.This is a great honor and teacher Zhang deserves it.

Model of The Times, model teachers, spiritual guidance

In 2008, she opened the country’s first public, free girls’ high school.In 12 years, the school sent 1,804 girls to college and out of the mountains.

The children in the mountains, especially the girls, could not go to college, so they could not escape the fate of poverty.The college entrance examination made a big difference in their lives.

The importance of the college entrance examination is not the same for different classes.The poorer the class, the more grass-roots, the more important it is.

For the elite, the marginal effect of the college entrance examination becomes this does not mean that elite is not the university entrance exam, but they have a lot of resources, and their children, however, there is always at the university of reading, even if the cutting test, the curve for national salvation, there are other way, to have a diploma is always easy to go abroad to spend money.

They can say, don’t put too much pressure on the child, just let him be a normal person.But this ordinary people, not lack of housing, not lack of cars, not lack of contacts and knowledge, their ordinary is the golden spoon.

Miss Zhang guimei’s female students could not go to college, so they went back home to work in the fields and married their children, which was common for Dashan’s children.

Unfortunately, the right to speak and define what good education is is mostly in the hands of the elite.They say to be happy, to do less homework, to quality education, to be an ordinary person.Don’t doubt their sincerity, it’s just that your children don’t deserve to be what they say they are.

Without this vigilance, I dance to their words, become a critic, and fight with the school and teachers every day. I delay my own children.

Zhang guimei’s cleverness lies in that she is not bound by fashionable and changeable words. She is very calm.In the interview, frankly said, I do is cramming education, because the children’s foundation is too poor, this is the only way to save them.

No matter how much you demonize cramming, it can get kids into college and out of the mountains, and that’s good.Quality-oriented education has been going on for nine days, and my children are going to fall on the ground, and that is not good.

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