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After the incident came to light

Once a company offered to sponsor the school for 1 million yuan in exchange for allowing the children to dress in shabby clothes and show up on stage.She refused.She says children’s self-esteem must not be hurt.

All her life, she had no children, no house, no property, and lived and ate with her students.

They were all her children.

“Having a son makes you feel better.”

In a busy city, it may be difficult to appreciate Zhang guimei’s persistence.

Pay close attention to see how valuable her persistence is.

In June, a girl in Guangdong reported her parents to the women’s Federation for forcing her to marry.

The family and relatives were preparing for the wedding reception the following day, and the “future husband” also told her on WeChat that the family had been killing pigs.It was a man five years her senior who had seen her only six times in a neighbouring village.

Model of The Times, model teachers, spiritual guidance

She was only 17 years old, far from the legal age for marriage.

She was the youngest student in her class when she took the high school entrance exam two years ago.Later, because she failed to pass the high school entrance examination, her parents took her out to work.

Two years later, she was surprised to learn that he was actually admitted to high school, but his parents were hidden down.The desire to read was rekindled.

The day before the wedding, she rode out on an electric scooter and went to the town’s women’s Federation to report her parents for forcing the marriage, hoping they could help stop the illegal wedding.

This is her last chance.At the end of the day, she will be like many girls who have been abandoned and rushed into marriage, starting to have children and live a life of no choice, even though she is still a minor.


After the incident came to light, the girl’s parents were persuaded to allow their daughter to return to school.Only this time, she was the oldest student in the class.

After entering high school again, she was blocked by her mother.

This is not an isolated case.

Sometimes, people’s prejudice is like a mountain that is hard to shake.

You are not them, do not know what they have experienced helplessness and despair, do not know how their hearts are little by little riddled with holes, on the verge of breaking.

Some people hid in their rooms, silently listening to their family members curse with ugly words.

Some, from birth, suffer malice from those closest to them.

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