Spend rationally and enjoy shopping

Are we waiting for the Courier?

If staying up late to buy things is a tonic for middle-aged women, then the express is flat life “rainbow fart”.

Spend rationally and enjoy shopping

In the heart of middle-aged women, love has become sour, husband has fallen out of favor, only express is the real “lover” – let me look forward to, let me happy, let me worry about.

Wait for express, receive express, tear open express, ah, each word is not so let a person move unceasingly?!

The husband say, tonight I want to work overtime, don’t go home to have a meal.

Hum, want to give a man space, don’t be disorderly to pester.Turn on the phone, only the express is getting closer and closer, the wind and rain came to get together with themselves.

Are we waiting for delivery?No, security!

I usually have a fear of answering the phone, but the Courier’s phone is the only one I can pick up with joy.

The phone is down, and I dash down the stairs as eagerly as if I were running to a long-distance lover, full of joy.

Are we waiting for the Courier?No, an angel of joy!

For us middle-aged women, there are two moments when mourning is the norm:

One is to expand the child’s report card of 100 points, the other is to cut open the express bag that I miss day and night.

Are we doing it by express?No, happiness and surprise!

If a middle-aged woman’s poem and the distance are hidden in the bathroom, then late-night shopping is filled with indulgence and comfort.

After all the hustle and bustle of the day, there is finally a little time and space for me to think about my needs, soothe my emotions and iron my heart.

The car needs to be refueled, the mobile phone needs to be charged, the middle-aged woman needs a great physical and mental health care in the night.

So, we wear black circles, stay up late a single and single, and so on a single and single, open a single and a single, let the distance package to the happiness, around the day around a circle and a circle.

As long as she is interested in buying things, this woman has the motivation to get on with her life!

Besides, if you don’t let women buy things, what’s the difference between living like a salted fish?

There is no sin in desire, there is reason in shopping, although our wallets are often empty, there are still a lot of things we can’t afford, but this does not prevent us from material expectations, love of life, self-satisfaction and encouragement.

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