Model of The Times, model teachers, spiritual guidance

Many people have entered the university smoothly

Zhang Guimei sleeps only three or four hours a day.
Who is Zhang Guimei?She is the principal of Yunnan Huaping Senior High School for Girls and the first all-free principal of female high school in China.
In order to get the girls in the mountains to study and help them out of the mountains, she worked from house to house and devoted herself to education.
Now, at 63, she is slower and quieter, suffering from more than 20 diseases.
“My time is running out,” she said. “I count the minutes. I must see them out while I am alive.”
In 12 years, she helped 1,804 poor girls who might drop out of school get into college.
Just a few days ago, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee awarded Zhang Guimei the title of “model of The Times”.

Model of The Times, model teachers, spiritual guidance

When the host asked her to come on stage, in the scene played a section of Huaping female high graduated from the child sent the video, Zhang Guimei can no longer control, burst into tears……
The children she brought up, the girls who changed their lives because of her, most of them chose careers like this:

Some become teachers
Some became police officers
Some became doctors

Some became lawyers

Some go on to graduate school…
They were all saying:
It is our greatest luck to be your student.
“Mama Zhang, we love you; Miss Zhang, thank you…”
This scene, can not help but bring tears to people’s eyes.

Perhaps around us, many many people have entered the university smoothly, become teachers, doctors, white-collar workers…He established himself in the city and led an ordinary or splendid life.
But some children have exhausted all their energy just to be ordinary people.
“My students can get into Xiamen University, Sichuan University and Wuhan University! We paid for it with our lives,” zhang said.
One girl can save three generations
You know what?Sixty-three percent of the world’s illiterate adults are women.
In China, according to a survey by the Spring Bud Project, two-thirds of the country’s out-of-school children are girls.
We often say that children should not lose at the starting line.But there are a group of children who lose at birth.
Not lost in the starting line, but, even stand on the starting line have no opportunity.
Some never went back to school because their families needed help on the farm.
Some don’t go to school anymore because they don’t have the money to buy sanitary napkins.
Some early by their parents arranged marriage, for the bride price.
Some ignorantly to go out to work, to make money for the family.

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