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She would hear these words in her ears

The masseur said, “Yeah, that’s all I can think about right now. I’m looking at a vocational school, too, but as I look at it, I wonder why my son will never be able to sit in an office like me…”

I hurriedly say: where forever, have adult college entrance exam now, later the child wants to read, when can read, still can take an examination of grind.Besides, like you are not bad ah, most office white-collar workers do not earn more than you…

Ordinary people, class, hard work

I don’t know if the masseuse listened, but a few days later, she heard a different version of the common man story.

This is one of her clients, a high school student mother like us.

Her son entered one of the city’s best high schools, Hangzhou Foreign Language School, from the private junior high school this year.However, after the midterm exam, she was feeling: niu baby too many, his son is an ordinary person, Tsinghua and Peking University certainly no way, hard work is also The Zhejiang University.It is to hope that his son zhengqi point, do not enter zhejiang University language department (Hangzhou outside into Zhejiang University language department is easier), take a good test of the department.

Fortunately, my masseuse is simple and has no glass heart. Otherwise, she would hear these words in her ears. No problem with Versailles literature.

Everyone has a “common person”, in the heart of tsinghua professors, children can not be enrolled in the undergraduate qing Hua is a common person;In the mind of a masseuse, children who cannot attend an ordinary high school are ordinary people;In the company’s small white-collar heart, his monthly salary of 6,000 is an ordinary person;In the Internet factory, 80,000 yuan a month but no shares that is also ordinary people.

When you’re talking about a concept, you have to have a clear definition of the concept, otherwise it’s apples and oranges and it doesn’t make sense.

And those who are unusual, there are actually two kinds of people, those who are unusually good — significantly above the mean, and those who are unusually bad — significantly below the mean, which is the statistical dichotomy between the head and the tail.

Most of us are ordinary people, and most of our children are ordinary children. That doesn’t mean we should give up trying.Because if you don’t work hard, you might not even reach the mean.

It takes effort for a child to read a book well. In the adult world, there is no such thing as “easy”.

Being alive is an effort. Even in sleep, every cell in your body is still working tirelessly. Once a link stops working, it’s over.

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  1. If a child wants to read well, he needs to make efforts and gain new cognition in the continuous struggle.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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