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This year is also the third year of school

There are three words that are very hot these days, and these three words are —

Ordinary people.

Ordinary people, class, hard work

At the end of every year, although the outside can be frozen into a dog, people’s heart is a fire — a little anxious, not stressed by the KPI of work, or by the performance of children…

“Ordinary people” these three words, just like the white chrysanthemum in the middle-aged thermos cup, cool and cool fire to keep safe, is really a necessary artifact to spend time at home, work and baby.

My friend also asked me, what do you think of “let the child be a normal person”?

A lot of people look at the “normal” and they’re a little high, but I look at the “normal” and I’m a little dizzy, because I’ve never been able to figure out what normal people are talking about.

I have a masseuse who has known her for over 10 years and is now working alone in Hangzhou. Every time I come back to Hangzhou, I call her home.

The masseur has a son, about the same age as a peanut. This year is also the third year of junior High school, and we will often talk about the situation of the child.Masseuse graduated from high school, the biggest hope is: son can go to college, into the office to do a white-collar job.

After the midterm exam, her hopes were dashed when her son failed to score 400 points (out of a possible 570 in Hangzhou) and couldn’t get into high school at all.

Her son is not at the bottom of the class, but an average student with a lower average score. His school is in Hangzhou, an ordinary public junior high school with a lower average score.After the mid-term examination, the teacher told her that there were 10 classes in the whole grade, two experimental classes could go to high school, and the other eight classes. If she did not work hard, 80% of the students could not go to high school.

Hangzhou’s general high admission rate is a little more than 50%, the results are particularly good and particularly bad are a small number of students, most are average students.However, the children belong to what kind of ordinary life, the difference is very big: medium upper, can go to high school, medium lower, that is more hanging.

I am just looking at yellow light “my 2 students”, say to massagist: go to duty high also quite good, although can go up high school, child achievement is average word, go up 2, also not easy seek a job, still quite embarrassed, be inferior to vocational school fixed position is clear, cultivate a skill good also.

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  1. It is a child’s instinct to want love and to be cared for.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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