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How can he find happiness in practicing

My mother said that the ugliest time in my life is when I accompany my baby to do homework and practice the piano.

A qin door deep as the sea, from then on mother changed stepmother.

Homework control a little, can be gentle and drizzle.

But you can’t practice with a partner. The instrument is so loud that if she whispers, she can’t hear it.

As a result, the child practiced for several years to learn not how, but when the mother’s voice is more and more loud, they are too noisy!

Accompany to study, practice piano, education

Behind each child stands a mother who practices with her child with her life.

The child is not practicing the piano, but the magic sound:

Let mom crazy, let mom sick, let mom painfully doubt life.

If there was such a thing as “paying for pain”, then teaching your child to play an instrument would rank C.

Eva’s musical instrument teacher said that she had never seen a child who was born with a passion for music and practiced for more than 10 years.

The piano is a child, can insist on learning, not rely on baby, rely on all the mother.

Perhaps some mothers can get away from the suffering of accompanying students, but no mother can get away from the pain of practicing.

To learn the piano is to burn money in a clattering way, with little apparent effect.

The child practices the piano to the mother’s anger cry, afraid is not less than to accompany the homework.

Every mother thinks the same question every day:

How can he find happiness in practicing?

It’s not that moms are incompetent, it’s that it’s impossible to get a kid to discipline himself and find fun out of boredom.

Is the child playing the piano?

No, parental willpower!

No matter what the child learns, his mother must follow it. He should learn music theory, simplified music and staff by himself. Wu should play and sing a few quick snippets.

So, the next time your child signs up for a musical instrument class, listen to me and pick an instrument that both women love, okay?

Accompany to study, accompany to practice, accompany to sleep, every middle-aged mother’s night, have a magnificent, qi and blood surging, by the idea of death!

Is the cost of a child learning a musical instrument money?Is it energy?


Is a mother’s physical and mental wastage and scrap speed!

If you want a good piano practice, you must have a sense of ritual

Accompany baby to practice qi, but in order to let the baby practice well, the family effort and out of the way:

Fool the monkey sun heaven to raise horses, coax pig eight quit under the river in addition to the demon.

To practice the piano well, parents must have a deep routine.

Look at this family, in order to let the daughter practice the piano, the father came to announce the invitation, the whole family sitting around as an audience.

One day one will become dumb if one shouts only.

If you just pat yourself on the finger, sooner or later you will break a bone.

Many parents wake up:

Accompany the child to practice, not a weapon in the hand is not good.

More mother put photos on the music score, supervision practice, than the camera also cattle method!

See this photo, such as mother in person!


By the sparring crazy father also not to be outdone, IQ on-line, props go on stage, not hesitate to play the ghost, deterrence qin Wa.

Dad’s inner OS: You dare to go out of your mind, I will let you out of your wits.

Learning to play the piano with a baby is like playing a monster to upgrade. I don’t know where to go, but to take a step back is to waste all my previous efforts.

Some observers asked:

If learning the piano is so hard, why let children learn it?

I don’t want him to be a musician. I just want him to understand in his study:

What is persistence, what is perseverance;

What is yesterday crying nose want to give up, today smiling experience the sense of achievement of learning.

But for the parents who haven’t let their baby learn the piano, I have to say this from the bottom of my heart:

If you want to stay young, you must stay away from Musical Instruments.

If you want to keep a mother happy, don’t have music in your house.


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