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Nothing has bothered me much these years

In order to escape the human torture of playing the piano, the human cubs use every trick in the book: if they choose the right excuse, they can escape the prison of playing the piano.


The toilet is a refuge for adults and a “training place” for children.

Practice piano, it is the best method that treats child constipation absolutely.

Want to let the children go to practice the piano, parents are also using all kinds of means to improve their interest, coercion, hard and soft, praise and encouragement, paste red flowers, punch cards for gifts…

To be honest, Accompany to study, practice piano, education.

As if the child is not into the piano room, but on the execution ground.

Finally, the child went to practice the piano, “the world dawdle” and “the world is not in the state of the great reward” to start again…

Take the guzheng child in my family as an example. Usually, a person can wear a fake fingernail for 20 minutes. After plucking it for just 3 minutes, he is sure to have something to do.

What kind of human suffering is the practice of the piano, the children forced untold?

To tell you the truth, even if the children and parents are not crazy, the neighbors will be crazy.

“The neighborhood kids are practicing again” has become a kind of community living pain.

When a child learns to play the violin, the whole family collapses.

A child practice piano, the first floor people suffer.

Good practice makes neighbors burn incense.

If you don’t, the neighbor goes to the pharmacy.

Accompany to study expense mouth, accompany to practice expense mother

Mothers don’t break down easily,

Unless there’s a kid in the family who doesn’t practice.

The final straw for middle-aged parents is to practice the piano with their children.

One said she heard a woman yelling from upstairs one night:

“Break up, must break up!”

A gossip heart, blood boiling, she quickly opened the window.

The woman continued to roar:

“Break up practice! Break up, practice right hand first practice left hand again!”

Realizing the truth, she shut the window in silence.

If writing homework with your child will collapse, then practicing piano with your child is really in the calendar!

To my fellow parents and colleagues,

Learning Musical Instruments is a risk, sign up for classes need to be careful!

The lethality of partner training is not inferior to that of companion!

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  1. In the process of raising children, you should stick to your own views.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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