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This would like to sign up for a guzheng class

My friend and I complained: to practice the piano with a baby is just like forcing him to be punished!

I gave her a sympathetic look!

Who’s not?

Children, care, love

As a senior mother, I can say with responsibility:

Learning Musical Instruments is the second biggest parent-child relationship killer after tutoring homework!

Don’t practice the piano mother kind son filial piety, a practice chicken flying dog jump!

Families with children learning to play the piano are staging a massive parent-child breakdown every day.

It is said that every child who practices the piano grows up crying.

The person who can play musical instrument, the surface looks bright bright and natural and unrestrained at one blow becomes immortal spirit to float.

In fact, when practicing the piano in secret, all kinds of bitterness and hatred run away from the scene, crying and howling.

Every time the child practiced the piano, it was a painful forced business.

“When I said I wouldn’t let you sign up for classes, you had to sign up for classes. Have you started craving something called the medicine of regret at such a young age?”

Struggle is useless, resistance is futile, their choice of instruments, crying to practice.

It is said that every child who learns to play an instrument goes through these three stages:

First: “I like it, I want to learn it!”

A week later: “Mom, it seems a little difficult to learn this…”

Three months later: “Mom, it’s too difficult, I don’t want to learn, 555555…”

I have a child who is learning to play the piano, and the parents will see what is called a “big crash site of children learning to learn art” once a day.

There are children learning to play the piano, every time press the key is like press the electric switch, one hundred unwilling, one thousand unwilling, ten thousand slow work.

This would like to sign up for a guzheng class, can pop a stunning “smile the Ao River’s lake”.

Now it seems that the distance “a laugh from the sea” a little far, “practice piano a howl” did it!

Call every day regardless, call the ground should not, go up thief boat easy under thief boat difficult, still practice!

The following pipa learning doll, while crying while playing, while mouth singing music “to instigate, to instigate”……

Hey, why is music learning so hard?!

Sometimes I can’t help but ask:

What kind of anti-human thing is a musical instrument that makes children look like this?

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  1. People who can play Musical Instruments, the surface looks bright and natural, a wave of the hand will become immortal floating.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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