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Suddenly a sour nose, tears fell down

The little things in our eyes, the children have done their best.

Liangshan, Sichuan, a 3-year-old girl crying video warm crying countless people.

She saw the scar from the C-section on her mother’s stomach and asked curiously where it had come from.

Without thinking too much, mother told her the whole story.

The daughter, who was told the truth, cried bitterly, “I didn’t know you had a stomachache, mom…”

Mom said, “The problem is that mom gave you birth. It’s your belly.”

The little girl cried out again, “No…”

Children, care, love

A crackling down tears, to see the cry of countless people.

For the child, the mother can bone open ten fingers, abdomen open seven layers, no regrets.

For the mother, the child can do their best, regardless of everything to love you, warm you.

For the rest of my life, snow is you, plain is you, heart gentle is you, where the vision, but also you.

There is a cute baby, maybe naughty to make her mother angry, maybe her mother said cruel words to her, she was very sad, but there is no way to tell, had to hold the favorite peppa pig cry.

“Peppa pig, mummy doesn’t love me anymore…”

It turned out that a child really can be sad, do not have to cry loud, just stay there quietly.

Suddenly a sour nose, tears fell down.

The children’s happiness, sorrow and happiness, full of mother.

There are many reasons to make a child cry, but “Mom doesn’t love me anymore” may be the most serious one.

There was a girl who was only eight years old when her mother died.

Later, no matter which school she went to, she would carve a word on the desk: mother.

After growing up to study psychology, she knew that it was a child’s great desire for maternal love.

It is a child’s instinct to look forward to love and yearn for it.

Host Li Xiaomeng once shared a heartwarming little thing:

The daughter fell asleep and mumbled: “Mother, love?”

After getting my response of “love, mom’s favorite baby,” I fell asleep.

It was one of the most important things she needed to be sure of between day and night, between waking and chaos, when she was nearly eight years old.

Thank you for your time. Thank you for all you have given. I am so lucky to meet you.

Every child, is a little angel, they lost the innumerable treasures of heaven, naked, like a little beggar with nothing, come to you.

They are a gift from Heaven, like a slow snail, to show you the most beautiful scenery in the world.

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  1. It is a child’s instinct to want love and to be cared for.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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