Spend rationally and enjoy shopping

There was a lot of frustration

There is no such thing as unhappiness, which cannot be solved by buying and buying.

Spend rationally and enjoy shopping

Spend rationally and enjoy shopping

There is no small frustration, is not dilutive purchase.

Besides, the world designed so many beautiful household goods, life department stores, beauty makeup and clothing, snacks snacks, fragrant flowers small things, 80% are to please our women.

How can we live up to the beauty of designers, the market economy, and GDP without staying up all night to buy?

Sometimes just look around, the result of a stroll to one or two, with a number of orders.

Sometimes feel oneself what all have no lack of, the result arrive broadcast room what all want to buy, while Shouting chop hand while point pay.

A few days ago, on Singles’ Day, I was switching back and forth between Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi’s broadcast room. While staying up all night with dark circles under my eyes, I was fighting with hundreds of millions of people online for anti-detoxify shampoo and elite lotion, eye cream and skin care products.

For us middle-aged women:

As long as the product choice is right, stay up late trace all crushed.

As long as the money is spent, the body can be emptied to make up.

Now there is a strange phenomenon in the family:

The man maintains by burning fat, the woman maintains by the hand to point completely.

In the middle of the year the man utter chi utter chi after training aerobic anaerobic, tired to sleep, we middle-aged women in the dead of night, to prevent hair loss of the black sesame, red wolfberry spleen and stomach, nourish qi and blood white bird’s nest, conditioning the body vitamin ABCDE, fascia gun and massage instrument all pull into the shopping cart.

For middle – aged women, stay up all night can not quit, mental health must be in place.

All corners of the country have a word, call this — shopping type cherish life.

As long as we buy enough health care products and fast enough, aging can be left behind by us.

Every time stay up late to buy things, reluctant to part with the phone, feel the money and have a motivation and fun!

If staying up late to buy things is a tonic for middle-aged women, then the express is flat life “rainbow fart”.

In the heart of middle-aged women, love has become sour, husband has fallen out of favor, only express is the real “lover” – let me look forward to, let me happy, let me worry about.

Wait for express, receive express, tear open express, ah, each word is not so let a person move unceasingly?!

The husband say, tonight I want to work overtime, don’t go home to have a meal.

Hum, want to give a man space, don’t be disorderly to pester.Turn on the phone, only the express is getting closer and closer, the wind and rain came to get together with themselves.

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