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It turned out that in order to surprise her

Originally, the mother was ill, father to deal with the hospital procedures.In desperation, had to just 40 days old xiao Bao “trust” to the eldest daughter.

Children, care, love

The little girl coax little treasure, while not trust to go to her mother’s bedside, accompany comfort weak mother.

This assured figure makes people feel distressed, she is just a child ah!

But picked up the little treasure stood beside her mother at that moment, she seemed to grow up all of a sudden, is able to protect her mother’s small cottonpadded jacket.

Maybe it was on the way home from school, maybe it was going out with my mother, the weather was not good, it rained a little.

The boy looked around anxiously as his mother left for a moment. She had not come back, but her cushion was wet.

Time and time again, the boy leaned over to protect his mother’s cushion with his hat and wiped away the rain that had hit it with his little hands.

The child’s heart is very small, small to can only pack the mother;

The child’s heart is big, big to want to protect the mother of everything.

If it weren’t for the chance, you wouldn’t know how much your child loves you.

Here’s another heart-warming scene on a rainy day:

The sky was drizzling, the road was wet and muddy, and the father carried his daughter slowly forward.

The daughter of the backseat exerted all her strength and raised the small umbrella in her hands. She would rather have the raindrops hit her rather than let her father get wet.

She did not know that the small umbrella did not cover her father, but at the moment she raised the umbrella, this winter’s rainy day, has become particularly warm.

Love does not need to shake the earth, it will trickle out from a movement, a look, can not hide.

A child secretly bought snacks for his mother, but his mother misunderstood that he had stolen money from the family.

The child was grievously wronged, while crying and said: “Do you know, in order to buy you something to eat, I use my play time and father exchange.”

It turned out that in order to surprise her, the child sacrificed his little playing time, exchanged pocket money with his father, and bought his mother’s favorite snack, but his mother was ungrateful, so he cried so sadly.

The child is very limited, but he loves us in the way that he can.

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  1. The child’s heart is very big, and everything that wants to protect its mother is very big.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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