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The lecture really got my imagination going

That’s the problem I had before!

Thinking training, methods, spatial ability

But the only difference is that I encountered problems and chose to escape, while Mr. Luo chose to explore.

Luo gave an example of what would happen if you had a die whose face to face numbers were 1 and 2?

Many children fell silent, but one of them gave an answer, saying, “When we roll a die, we can roll along the three, four, five, six side, so that the one and the two never roll.That gives you an advantage when it comes to comparing dice sizes!”

That’s why the dice have to be set so that the sum of the numbers facing each other is 7, so that the sum of the numbers is fair no matter which side you roll on!

The lecture really got my imagination going. I thought I was good at math, but compared with the master, there was a big gap.

Especially in the way to guide children’s math, I learned a lot of enlightenment in The lecture given by Mr. Luo Shen.

Learn to think outside the box

Luo gave an example. He gave six toothpicks and asked the child how to make four triangles.

A lot of kids try, but it doesn’t seem to work no matter how they do it.

However, if you set the toothpick up and make it into a three-dimensional shape, then you have four triangles.

This experiment tells us that if we want to learn mathematics well, we must not confine our thinking and do not get bogged down.But to learn to look at the problem from a multi-angle, all – round, sometimes exhausted doubt no way, but may be a bright village!

  1. Combine life with math

Here’s another example. Luo drew a football field. Two points in the field represent a person.

There are two people, A and B, who run at the same speed.

A’s goal is to get to the right sideline, and B is going to intercept A.The further to the right of the edge A hits, the higher the score.

The question is, how do you get as many points as possible from A?

What started out as a football game problem turned out to be math.

Luo first asked the children to play in groups and let them find out the secret of scoring.

Then he drew the following picture on the blackboard and summarized the rules for the child.

He drew an isosceles triangle and found that when their running route formed an isosceles triangle, A ran the longest and got the highest score!

This is a great way to put geometry into your life scene!

And this case tells us, if you want to learn mathematics well, you must combine mathematics with life, explore the fun of mathematics from life, explore the true meaning of science from mathematics!

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  1. The lecture really caught my imagination.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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