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The son scratched his head for a long time

Once, in order to train my daughter’s spatial thinking, I found a piece of cardboard and drew the frame of the dice on the paper.

Thinking training, methods, spatial ability

Cut it out, make a die and write a number on it to train the child’s spatial thinking ability.

Later, I wrote about this case in my book, “Silicon Valley Engineer Dad’s Super Math Mind.”

But one day I received a question from a reader who said, “There’s something wrong with your dice!”

I wonder, what’s wrong with my dice?

The reader told me, “A normal die would be 1/6, 2/5, 3/4 face to face, and you’re making a little different dice!”

Well, is there such a thing as that?

So I took out the dice in hand to observe, indeed, a succession of looking for a few dice, are such a rule.

Why is that?Can’t the numbers just line up?I wondered, so I threw the question to Heihei.

The son scratched his head for a long time, but there was no good answer. “Isn’t the arrangement of numbers fairer?””He gave a specious answer, but could not tell why.

I thought for a long time, but there was no answer.

“However, also not tight, estimation is an established rule!””I said to myself.

My son has a pile of math homework, which is far more important than figuring out the rules of the dice.After all, dice don’t give your son extra points on a math test…

So the question was delayed.

I was hanging out on Youtube yesterday when I came across an interesting lecture.

This lecture comes from Mr. Luo Boshen, the head coach of the US Olympic team. He once gave a lecture on the development of mathematical thinking in a primary school in China.

Luo teacher’s opening is to let the children a few children on the stage to play the game of throwing dice, he let the children every roll dice points are added up, points the largest team to win.

After the game, he asked the child, “Is the game fair?”

The children replied, “Fair enough, they’re all dice. Each die has six numbers from 1 to 6.”

But after careful observation, it is a little different, because this die is not on the opposite side of 1, it is not on the opposite side of 2, it is not on the opposite side of 5, it is not on the opposite side of 3.

In other words, the traditional dice face to face add up to 7, but luo’s dice don’t.

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  1. We should exercise children’s thinking ability.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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