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If it is not like her imagination

I will ask the same question again two days later. I said playing the piano is not easy and it needs hard study and practice. Do you need me to find a teacher for you?This time she nodded, but said that when she practiced again, she would like the teacher to hear her play.I nodded and did not interfere with her, until now she is still playing by herself, I think it will not be long, she will be anxious for me to find a teacher for her class.This is her own schedule.We don’t have to worry about her.

Education, classroom, training

I think should also have a lot of home of Eva, both have the same feeling with us, at first, I also feel brother let us worry about more, sister this state is very worry, because she is very ambitious, but slowly I also found that money son and sister both the so-called attitude to life, no absolute good or bad, such as money, children, there is no strong enterprise and the demands of life, but more flexible, happy-go-lucky personality were also more likely to have a good luck accompany, often some of their own cleverness, maybe one day he really realize the importance of work, can rise, perhaps HouJinEr will be more full.

Children like wrasse son elder sister, have definite view, stronger, small knew hard, learn things into degree is high, but also easy to be thwarted, in other words, the adaptability is far worse, if it’s not like her imagination, she is very difficult to blend in and accept, although things is very persistent, but not necessarily smart, sometimes also bore tip, although in parents’ opinion, do worry, but in the long run, may encounter obstacles and challenges may not less.

Two character in the future, in other words, this one to themselves, an external test to this, life is never easy to say, so personality is no absolute good or bad, just need our parents, to the child never easily to conclusions, also don’t do the action, let him and his like, for different children, can produce different effect, cannot let the tube, the left, will be able to let go, this measure, is the true test of our parents.


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  1. Life is never easy to say, so personality is not absolutely good or bad.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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