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The result of this process is also worth

I often feel that way, she has a schedule for yourself and also have a schedule, when to do, often can let’s see some signs, let us feel she will clear, for example, in a certain period of time, she on a particular aspect of knowledge or skills of pressing desire, from the words, she told us there is action, let’s get prompt, cause we sometimes try so hard to yourself, think not hurriedly give her arrangement will be delayed her, should be to create conditions to her, such as the what class, what to learn skills, and this is a follow process, there is no struggle, is to see her real demand,Then keep up with her needs.

Education, classroom, training

The result of this process is also worth watching her like a sponge, sucking up what she needs, and making rapid progress.Instead, is that if we want to like the brother of her and gave her or schedule according to our idea, what course arrangement, often found her quite, she didn’t accept, you don’t accept she don’t know or don’t think she should accept the arrangement, so there is no input, also don’t cooperate, unless she feels necessary, or if you want to know why.

Although she is only five years old, but the independent and obsession are brother childhood grow up to now, never before, saying there are a few such lessons, I decisively with money mother changed, is I said, let her, not to indulge her, but however much arrange and interfere with her, for she did not even excessive attention and watching her, is to let her to come at their own pace, she will be according to the hear, she had seen and the surrounding situation, screening and she needs urgent desire.

Is one of the harp, for example, recently this period of time, her time sitting in front of the piano, his thinking, not blind to play, but scales, find the keys, to treat yourself like a few song somehow also pop up, probably I see her often sit in front of the piano frowning sigh, sit for more than an hour, and playing over and over again, I asked her, are you really want to learn the piano?She nodded, And I said can I find you a teacher to teach you? She shook her head and continued to play hers.

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  1. Words tell us there is action in terms of the knowledge or skill that is urgently desired at a particular time.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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