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It is true that different children should be taught

After my elder sister’s birthday, the most frequently repeated words to me in these two days are, “Dad, I am five years old, I am a big sister at the age of five, I am very good, I can go to school like my elder brother, I can learn a lot of knowledge, the teacher will also give me a lot of homework.

Education, classroom, training

Brother beside listen to cay, very confused and don’t understand, so these two days little brother and sister didn’t bicker, less money say don’t understand wrasse wrasse, anyone hoping for a teacher to give a lot of homework, she probably didn’t tasted wrote at half past eleven at night, can’t sleep stuck straight nod, and will not do, let mother roar of shivering.So money son said to seto you really went to school, really wrote the homework, will not think so.

Every time listen to him so say, elder sister all stare big eyes to say her elder brother, elder brother you write your homework well, you see your word write of crooked a little not serious, also dilly Dally, careful I tell mother, hit you.When I can do my homework, I don’t want to be like you, I must write very neat, every question is right.If you wait, I’ll soon be able to do my homework.The elder brother looked at his sister as if she were a monster.

I laughed beside her, but also felt that as my sister grew older, the difference between the two children became more and more obvious. Therefore, qian and I also had more thoughts on the way of education and the specific attitude towards them. It is true that different children should be taught in accordance with their individual abilities.The way and state of mind not only can not copy, even have to be subversive, like in front of me to see Seto sister, this little girl is how motivated, how looking forward to be able to display on a bigger stage, how looking forward to can quickly hold up a piece of her own sky.She is one of those children who want to try everything and never give up, full of motivation. She is eager to try and full of expectation for her future and the so-called unknown life.

Since had the seto sister, look at their brother and sister’s daily, it is more a frame of reference, let me see two completely different life attitude, a desire to live plain natural, calm, a hope that life is full of challenges, ups and downs.Also let me have a intimate feelings with money mother, is really some children need parents to push him, urging him, paying attention to him, there are a lot of things, you need to arrange for him, just like our brother money, and some children, but need to let him, just from looking at him, give him to do a good job of logistics can, like wrasse elder sister.

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  1. After reading the article, I felt two completely different attitudes towards life, one is eager for a natural and calm life, and the other hopes that life is full of challenges.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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