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As an old mother of a poor student

Now the fat ya is not the fat Ya in those days, by virtue of the excellent son, she has now been promoted to Niu Hulu fat Ya.

Not live up to the enthusiasm of the students, fat ya began to talk about their chicken baby experience, said he also did not zha strength ah, my son does not like zha huhu, like to do sudoku what since childhood, give the book oneself can quietly read for a long time……

Grades, parent-teacher conferences, educational methods

We smacked our lips in despair and said, look, inexperience is heredity, it’s said that the IQ genes are all on the X chromosome, and your son is so good because of his mother…

For a time, fat ya became empress dowager simply, steady sit C, masses of stars hold together a month, appear even fat gene so charming, let a person be intoxicated.

Children learn well, so that the old mother in the young “disappeared in the crowd”, the complete realization of the “middle-aged reverse”.

It is said that one of the great tragedies of life is to lose money while you are alive.

As an old mother of a poor student, I think another tragedy is:

Parents are still struggling hard, it seems that the children’s learning is not.

You say good chicken baby, but again and again efforts, always can not see too big achievement, can not see the light.

You say so give up, but again and again the heart also can’t die thoroughly, finally still struggle to get up, trembling walked to the child side said: “Come, son, do this paper!”

Excellent student mother mother by son expensive, poor student mother decadent all the year round, endure the physical torture, mental waste.

Sometimes also can convince oneself: in those days oneself so fierce, now not also mix into such appearance, the child let nature take its course.

Life does not go ashore, are in the sea of suffering.

“Mother by son is precious” may be a kind of reality in the world,

Then who says that “mother and child are safe” can’t be a long cherished wish and pursuit?

Have a good state of mind parents, children will not be too bad in this life!

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  1. Parents should have a good mood, the children will not be too bad for a lifetime.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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