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Children influence the status of old mothers

Look, the old mother chicken slag baby, not only hurt the baby hurt themselves, but also along the neighborhood.

The concubines in the cold palace said that they spent the whole year counting the floor tiles in their own palace, one after another;

Grades, parent-teacher conferences, educational methods

The mother of the students with poor grades is also strong. All year round, under the dim lamp, she copies the wrong questions on the baby’s test paper, one after another.

The excellent students’ old mothers have no distractions, calm down, one mind chicken baby, heading for the goal of 985, 211.

The psychological state of the poor students’ old mothers is relatively complex. For a while, the hot-blooded chicken baby and for a while, the negative Buddhist system:

Think for a while again bad also have to help the child contend for an undergraduate course on;

After a while, I thought about letting my children learn a craft. If they could not get into college, they would open a live broadcast and maybe have a meal.

For a while and think about not the whole family back in the mountains, died to take an examination of the university, squeezed the experience of a single-plank bridge;

For a while and think, or their own struggle and strive to become a rich generation, let baby this life wasted time got…

Look what a bear kid has done to his parents. He’s obsessed!

Children influence the status of old mothers.

Before they had children, the girls would compare waists, legs, makeup, and handbags.

But the whole life of the child, over, whether meet friends, friends, classmates, colleagues group building, the topic of 1000 turn 100 fold, finally a constant chatter to “your baby can not” on this topic.

Because the child is the elderly mother walking in the second half of life of the living card.

From a few months when white is not white, fat is not fat, to a few years when naughty or nice, mouth strong is not strong, to the primary school after excellent students or poor students, learning is not good…

Why do women get together and talk about children?

It’s very simple.

We are half old Xu Niang, fat waist face yellow skin, husband only love to brush mobile phone, only the child is the most will not cold topic.

A child’s grades can even determine an old mother’s social status.

Our junior high school classmate has a girl, nicknamed “fat ya”, the figure is relatively fat, looks more ordinary, temper is a little big, at that time boys and girls do not love to play with her.

Also do not know who asks out, the son of fat ya home learns particularly outstanding, was booked by the juvenile class of some first-class middle school early.

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