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Look, the old mother chicken slag baby

Excellent students parents are “wulin alliance”, not angry from power, do not speak from elegance;

Poor students have anonymous, cowardly parents who have little say.

Grades, parent-teacher conferences, educational methods

Poor grades in the parents of students in the group to make a statement, have to wording and wording, sentence and sentence repair sentence, repeatedly think for a long time, or a click to press the delete key.

“Calculate, have this kongfu skillful tongue spring, still be inferior to roar a baby to do a few more exercises.”

In the parents’ meeting, the parents of students with excellent academic performance show luxury in a low profile and atmosphere in a high profile. Even the teachers’ eyes at them are full of kind-minded kindness.

Children influence the mental outlook of old mothers

There are other people’s baby, there are other people’s mother.

Old mothers of high achievers and old mothers of low achievers are two very different states, indeed, two species.

My best friend has two children, a big one and a small one, all of whom are excellent students:

Brother came home from school in front of the desk east to do west, but do not hinder a test is the first;

Although the younger brother is not as talented as the elder brother, but the homework never need to supervise, grades also firmly ranked the top three in the class.

She is not in the children to learn to worry, too anxious, home a mother kind son filial piety, occasionally between the mother and child small play, but also does not affect the harmony of the major tone.

She every day hot hair nail small barbecue, have no matter to study mouth red number, the child sleep, with her husband snuggled to watch a movie, chat about experience, than I looked younger by several years.

The old mother of a high achieving student lives, the old mother of a low achieving student lives.

If you look at my house, when the sun goes down at night, there is a roar in my house on time. It is even more punctual than the news broadcast. The big scream, the little cry, and the baby daddy scream like a corpse.

Once I was customary type roar baby, inclined to the door of the old lady to knock on the door, politely said, please later tube children can be small voice, the old man of the ans recently heart is not good, you here suddenly “ao” so a voice, he was there to frighten a shiver……

Make I return strange be embarrassed of, apologize again and again, the curative effect of affection my chicken baby is every other hill dozen cow, ran to his home.

Lost, lost.

Also several times, I a ao child, the downstairs neighbor knocked on the heating pipe, in order to prove that is deliberately knocked on me, but also three short one long bangbang knock, make like a mountain shock tiger.

Look, the old mother chicken slag baby, not only hurt the baby hurt themselves, but also along the neighborhood.

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  1. Excellent children will bring good effect to their parents.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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