Spend rationally and enjoy shopping

The night we stayed up?

Pay deposit to grab goods to be quick, feel oneself in with millions of people to play a game, the sense of accomplishment is not bad!

Spend rationally and enjoy shopping

The operation was fierce and the orders were full, like fruit trees ripening in autumn.

“To be delivered” and “to be received” are like a 100-point report card, which brings me full of satisfaction and happiness.

There’s no end to being a mom, and staying up late shopping is a blissful respite and respite.

People to middle age, the night has been half, thousands of thoughts welled up in my mind.

It is too empty to talk about love, it is too false to think about the past, it is useless to think about the future, only surrounded by material, I will not feel so empty, so insecure.

For a period of time, I was so worried about my work, my children and my anxiety that I suffered from severe insomnia. Only by listening to the voice of “buy it, buy it” in the live broadcast could I fall asleep.

Is that the night we stay up?

No, it’s freedom!

Is that something we bought?

No, it’s clearly happiness!

So every middle-aged woman falls into this paradox:

Morning self: then stay up late is the dog!

At night of oneself: finally free, sleep what sleep, rise hi!

Every night, in the depth of my soul, a voice cries out:

“Come, have fun, there’s plenty of time!

Staying up late is a kind of “poison” that can be addictive.

Shopping is a “happiness hormone” that can make you want to stop.

Now the way middle-aged women pursue happiness has changed:

Rather stay up late to brush mobile phone, also do not want to massage each other with husband.

Sometimes the child very easy to sleep, my big pig hoof not ashamed not ashamed to rub over to hint for joy, have been my righteousness and awe to dig back with the white eyes: “go to go, busy a day so tired, I feel sleepy, want to go to bed early!”

As soon as the man left, I turned around and continued to happily hang out with the phone until after midnight.

As a senior woman, say a word in heart:

How can a man have a mobile phone for fun?

Instead of chatting with a man, take a walk on a shopping website.

Quarrel with a man, it is better to see if the new goods have shelves;

Instead of getting angry with men, research the latest beauty machine.

Holiday, birthday, anniversary, husband forgot to send a gift, never mind, click pay, want to buy what gift buy what gift.

The husband does not understand amorous feelings, does not reason, is he angry to want to cry, it does not matter, submit the order, immediately feel tomorrow is another beautiful day.

Sometimes I also want to strengthen the relationship with my husband, but he always laments that he is tired and a little busy, so I prefer the store on my mobile phone, which is open 24 hours a day.

There is no such thing as unhappiness, which cannot be solved by buying and buying.

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