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The teacher often sends messages at night

My son did not do well in the exam. He scored more than 70 in math and Chinese. I was expected to be the teacher’s target.

I asked dad to go. He said he was too busy working overtime to break his leg.

Grades, parent-teacher conferences, educational methods

Dad asked me to go, And I told him I was going to “plug the hole” all the time. You should dedicate yourself.

After a while, he lifted his head from his phone and said, “Why don’t we draw lots? The Couple of Xu are also drawing lots at home. Their son got the first place in the grade.

The moon curved according to Kyushu, a few joy a few sorrow.

The parents of the high achievers danced and rejoiced.

The parents of poor students are despondent and sigh a lot.

Unfortunately, I won again.

The parents of poor students have no place to talk about how bitter they are.

All middle-aged women are not afraid of heaven and earth, but we still have “three fears” : afraid of the old father, afraid of the boss pay wages, afraid of always looking for me to tell the teacher.

Over the years, the confidence of a middle-aged woman I had worked so hard to build had been ground down by my son, a poor student.

The teacher often sends messages at midnight:

“The child has not been paying attention in class recently. The desk is full of small pieces of paper. Please pay attention!”

“Good, teacher, certainly, you have bothered!”

“This math quiz kid made a lot of mistakes, are some basic questions should not ah, I hope you catch him at home more.

“Ok, teacher, Sorry, I will try my best!”

Once a child’s grades are rigor Ed, parents also have a contrast and a gap in status.

Excellent students parents are “wulin alliance”, not angry from power, do not speak from elegance;

Poor students have anonymous, cowardly parents who have little say.

Poor grades in the parents of students in the group to make a statement, have to wording and wording, sentence and sentence repair sentence, repeatedly think for a long time, or a click to press the delete key.

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  1. The parents of high achievers dance and rejoice.Parents of poor students feel depressed and sigh.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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