Discontent with her husband crept in

Three months after her marriage, she got pregnant.

Throughout her pregnancy, her in-laws and husband were unable to care for her, and she did not feel ill.Xiaoting is still immersed in the sweetness of the wedding, two people have a long phone call every day.

Education, marriage, responsibility

Whenever my long-distance husband meets anything new, he will share with her the first time. The weather, interesting things, and the feeling of being missed by people from afar all the time are very beautiful.

She never complained, even when she went to work alone and cooked for herself when she was pregnant.When she fell asleep, with her head on her head for her husband, she could even taste some sweetness.

Until the birth of the baby broke it all.

The son is a high-need baby, frequently wakes up at night, and has hardly slept at birth.

At 15 months, the baby caught a flu, had a high fever and cried all night.At that time is the Spring Festival, although the father is at home, but the baby and he are not familiar with, only recognize the mother, Xiaoting can only a person sleeping in the living room with the child to go back and forth.

After the vacation, the man went back to work.After the recovery of the child more “do”, she got up more than ten times in the night, holding the child around.Finally till dawn, my husband sent a WeChat. He woke up and told me that he had had a strange dream last night.

But these irrelevant words, Xiaoting no longer need, she needs, is in those sleepy night, someone can say to her: you go to sleep, the child I take care of.

Discontent with her husband crept in.

Married life is much heavier than Xiaoting imagined.

The husband was far away and could not be counted on for anything big or small.Xiaoting worked during the day and coax her baby at night, relying entirely on her grandmother’s help.

Xiaoting is an accountant. She has to travel and work overtime whenever there is a project.Sometimes, a half a month, a month.

Her children are too young to live without her, and the family’s financial situation does not allow her to be a stay-at-home mother.Soon after the baby was born, she got her driver’s license, and whenever she went on a business trip, she would carry a big suitcase with her grandmother and the baby: she worked while her grandmother looked after the baby in a hotel.

The baby is still 14 months old and she has to go on a business trip.Grandma is busy and can’t come.She begged a relative to help, the results of the child, a night to cry for his mother, how to coax good.

Watching the video of the child crying her heart out, she also cried, leaving her job and ran back to the hotel.

After going back, the child is like to be frightened, holding her not to let go, even go to the toilet not to put.There was nothing she could do but take the baby to the work place, work and run into the corridor to coax the baby.

It was at the end of the year, when the accountant was busiest, she could not take a leave and could only call her husband and ask him to send her grandmother over.

She remembered that it had snowed heavily that night, and seeing her grandmother come through the snow that night, she felt like seeing a savior.

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  1. The feeling of having fun and being missed by people who are far away is beautiful.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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