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It is not easy to meet people who love each other

We marvel at the tremendous energy a woman can have when she becomes a mother, appreciate her strength and courage, but also hope that this story will enable a mother who is raising a child alone to be brave enough to say, “Parenting is not my sole responsibility.”

Mother interviewee: Xiaoting, husband and wife have been away from home for 3 years, and she has been taking baby alone for 2 years.

Education, marriage, responsibility

Looking at her husband sent over three words, Xiaoting sighed a big sigh.

“Day overcast”, Xiaoting did not think of, oneself marriage, can be defeated by this short 3 words “defeat”.

Naked marriage, different places, parens-in-law can not help take care of children, work alone while taking care of children, such marriage Xiaoting lasted for 3 years.The baby had just turned two, and she thought she might not be able to hold on.

On the screen, line after line, she tells of her anxiety: the nanny leaves at 6 p.m. and she has to work overtime and can’t make it back;The child always wakes up at night and cries every time…

But the husband only replied 1: the day overcast.

Xiaoting was hit by these three words a word also can not say.

Before marriage, Xiaoting knows the marriage of different place is not easy, but she did not think of, finally all difficult problem can press on her a person body.

“Let me think about it.”

Xiaoting and her husband are from the same town and were introduced to each other through friends.

At that time, Xiaoting graduated from university, in his hometown as a civil servant;The man works 300 kilometers away in a city. He is an engineer.

Both of them entered universities from the countryside and eventually settled in the cities.Similar experiences also make them appreciate each other.

Half a month after they met, he “confessed” to his family: his father had lost an arm during a farm rush, and his mother, who was pregnant with him at the time, had been traumatized and schizophrenic.

Xiaoting read the word by word he sent WeChat, a little muddy-headed.

She had a crush on this hard-working, motivated, and a little romantic boy, but the news was too much to take.

Much later, she replied: Let me think about it.

A month later, they got together.

It is not easy to meet people who love each other, she thought. Surely love can ease those difficulties.In order to understand her husband’s family, when she got married, she did not mention the car and house.

“At that time, I thought I could do it. I worked hard enough.We all have the knowledge and work to overcome difficulties, “Said Xiaoting.

More importantly, the husband promised that he would change his job and come home after two years.

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  1. It’s not easy to know people who love each other.There is no doubt that love can ease these difficulties.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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