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Rice soup has nothing to do with nutrition

Bone soup is not filled with calcium, but fat.

Health, stew, nutrition

Many babies do not like to eat vegetables, parents found a way, vegetables, mushrooms, such as raw materials boiled into soup.

It seems that the baby does not eat vegetables, drink soup is the same.

But the main ingredients in vegetable soup only water, minerals and a small amount of water-soluble vitamins, and there is no way to provide children with the dietary fiber they need, far more can not replace the nutrition of raw materials.

Nitrite and water-soluble pesticide residues will be dissolved into the soup, the child viscera development is not too perfect, so it is not recommended to give the child to drink soup every day.

The rice water

Rice soup is a thick liquid that floats on top of porridge and is considered by many elderly people to be a nutritious food.

In fact, rice soup has nothing to do with nutrition.

The starches in the rice are gelatinized by heat and combined with water to form a soup that looks thick but has a very low energy density. It is almost always carbohydrate based and contains little protein.

If the rice soup as the baby’s supplementary food to eat, basically can be equal to the baby to drink water.

Some parents will say, the child’s teeth did not grow out, hard to eat, can only eat more soft food soup.

But for a long time to eat soup water “soft food”, will reduce the number of times the baby chew, resulting in the baby chew swallowing ability of developmental delay.

And the stomach capacity of the baby is limited, and the most important component of the soup is water.

After a bowl of soup, the stomach is almost occupied by water in a short time, which will soon produce a feeling of fullness, affecting the intake of solid food.

The most intuitive performance of the baby is, after drinking the soup will be full, can not eat other food.

However, the soup stays in the stomach for a very short time, and soon the baby will feel hungry again. Many parents will offer snacks or snacks to satisfy the baby’s hunger.

In the long run, it is easy to develop unhealthy eating patterns and habits, which is not conducive to the growth and development of the baby.

For infants and toddlers, soup is a complex presence.

The delicious soup water, give baby to taste, is no problem naturally.

But it is a wrong and dangerous idea to rely on soup, to feed your child, or to substitute for a variety of diets.

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  1. It is wrong and dangerous to rely on soup to feed a child or substitute for a variety of dietary habits.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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