Spend rationally and enjoy shopping

The biggest success of the middle-aged

In recent days, the women in the office have changed:

Spend rationally and enjoy shopping

Everyone had a pair of dark circles under their eyes and was yawning as they ate lunch they had brought from home.

I don’t have to ask, but my wallet has been emptied after I stayed up late to pre-sell on Singles’ Day these days. I can only give up takeaway and start to save money.

The middle-aged woman’s SAO operation is: more boil more poor, poorer boil more.

Some say, why bother?

You don’t understand!

A man who goes to bed early does not know the pleasure of a woman who goes to bed late.

Staying up late to buy things is a middle-aged mother’s free indulgence.

There are two people who stay up late today:

One is intellectual,

One is middle-aged mothers whose children are asleep.

Night black wind high, big pig hooves purring, children sleep quietly, mothers lie in bed, mobile phone charging, WIFI full grid, as if a sand gulls, the network freely travel.

This is the most free moment!

Not whose chaff, not whose old mother, not whose employee, not whose girl, with the bad life temporarily untie the tie, yuan God began to return, began to find myself.

So, the perennial state of mind of middle-aged mothers is:

Often sleepy during the day, but energetic as a black cat sheriff at night.

He held the phone in his hand, “his eyes staring like a bell, shooting lightning smart.”

Other people’s late nights are full of creativity. Mothers’ late nights are full of shopping.

It is said that for every ten people who go to bed late, there are seven middle-aged women.

Three to four out of every 10 middle-aged women place orders after midnight.

If middle-aged women have any life hey point, buy things even one!

News is not interested in current affairs, gossip to see more boring, good drama always updated so slowly, only to buy things is always moving the theme.

If mobile phones are the only nightlife for middle-aged people, then shopping is like going to the nightclub Happy.

The shopping cart was stuffed to the brim; it was a smoky firework atmosphere;

Shop celebration promotion can not miss, will live a small expert is Me;

Live shopping is cheap and there are gifts to give, the housewife I am quite excellent;

Pay deposit to grab goods to be quick, feel oneself in with millions of people to play a game, the sense of accomplishment is not bad!

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