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Parents tell their children to guard against strangers

A parent in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, found that his fifth-grader, Xiao Ming, suddenly had a cell phone and was playing King of Glory with it.


Coupled with the child’s recent physical discomfort, he became suspicious and asked the child where the phone came from.

The question shocked and angered him!

According to Xiaoming account, he met a netizen Han mou when playing games, Han Mou puts forward to give Xiaoming some gifts and compensation as a condition, and Xiaoming produces some special behavior.

In the time of more than a month, Han Mou is filled with Q coin for many times, buy game skin, send mobile phone to wait for means to lure Xiaoming even, indecent assault him for many times.But not familiar with the world, immersed in the temptation of the game xiaoming did not realize that this is to their own harm, even thought it was very fun, and did not tell the men’s evil.

He didn’t understand these things, he didn’t know what this man meant to him, he just didn’t understand.He just thought he would get the benefits when he was done, that’s all.

At present, the suspect Han has been arrested by the police, waiting for him will be the law of punishment.

The bad guys will be brought to justice eventually, but xiao Ming, who was hurt, may carry the shadow of his childhood for his whole life.

Now he is not familiar with the world and may not understand the seriousness of this matter.

But when he grows up, he may understand that the “good uncle” who gave him the phone turned out to be a bad man. What he thought funny was actually a great harm to himself.At that time, his psychological pain to bear, and how to make up for it?

Grandpa, why did you give me a STD?

Many parents tell their children to guard against strangers around them and on the Internet, but you know what?Some bad guys just have the face of an “acquaintance” or even a “relative”!

On August 29, A 4-year-old girl surnamed Zhou in Daoli district of Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, was cheated out of by her 50-year-old male neighbor, Surnamed Liu, and was molested and raped by violent means.The next day, Liu guo even pretended to have nothing to do as the child sent home.

Zhou, who suffered sexual assault, was covered in wounds and suffered several degrees of shock.Eventually, doctors diagnosed her with three serious injuries, level two.

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  1. In fact, sex education is very important. If children want to establish a correct outlook, parents should make great efforts.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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