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Parents should learn to lead by example

When I was a child, my mother did a life education for me, and it is still fresh in my mind.

Kindness, compassion, education

Once my cousin and I caught a bird and put it in a small cage to play. After my mother learned that, she gave me a lesson before going to bed at night.

My mother said to me, “You caught a bird today. Did you have a good time?”

“It’s fun,” I said, “but the bird seems to be scared and anxious to get out.”

After listening to my mother said to me: “Yes! The bird also has mom and Dad, it was caught by you, its mom and dad will be very sad. Just like, if you lost, mom and Dad will be mad.

At that moment, I suddenly felt empathy began to love the bird, and finally released the bird together with my mother.

It is because of such education that I understand that animals also have parents who feel distressed for them.

If we want our children to have empathy from an early age, we should let them learn to empathize and love life from an early age.

Parents should learn to lead by example

In fact, most of the time, children do not know how to cherish life, and parents influenced.

For example, parents who trample the grass or treat animals unkindly will gradually affect the children and think this kind of behavior is normal.

A mother who never steps on a piece of grass shared online.

Once the child in order to approach the road, want to cross the lawn, but she resolutely refused the child, with the child to walk a long way, and told the child, every grass on the lawn is alive, we should not easily trample.

Under his own influence, the child never thought of going near the road again and never trampled any grass.

Only in this way can children learn from their parents to cherish and fear life.

Life education should be started from the child, and the seed of respecting life should be sown in everyone’s heart, so that everyone has good expectations and desires.

Life education is the most important lesson we can give our children, which determines their future conduct, their character development, and their fundamental love deep inside.

Life education for children will make children become a loving, kind, positive and optimistic person from childhood.

Wish each pair of parents from childhood will be kind, good these things implanted in the heart of the child, let the child become a kind and cherish life.

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  1. Life education for children will make them become a loving, kind, positive and optimistic person from an early age.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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