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The boy showed up at a pet shop

Remember the story of the Little Prince?

The little prince lived on a small planet. He planted a rose. He watered it every day, caught bugs, blocked out the sun and talked with her.In his eyes, roses are unique in the world.

Treat it with your heart and give your feelings, no matter it is animals or plants, they will no longer be ordinary things. They will become the source of our precious and warm life.

Find a way to respect life, let the child know what life education is, the child will benefit for a lifetime.

Recently, I saw a piece of news.

Education, love, compassion

An 11-year-old boy in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, has caused outrage after stabbing a cat with a knife and clamping it between doors.

The boy showed up at a pet shop, saw a cat in the locked door and poked it with a knife.

The kitten ran about in fright, but he was not satisfied. He pushed the door open a small gap and began to lure the other kitten out.Cruelly, as soon as the kitten’s head was stretched out, the boy pulled the two doors together and pinched the kitten’s head.

Then he released the kitten and began to chase it for half an hour.

When the owner of the cat found out, he took the kitten to the hospital and found that one of the kittens had inflammation and the other had autism.

Netizens have left messages:

“What can a man respect if he has no respect for life?”

“Since childhood, lack of fear of life, grow up what performance can be imagined.”

Yes, when a person does not understand the value of life, do not know how to cherish life, may do terrible things.

Behind a child’s cruelty, there is a lack of life education.

A survey by the Humane Society of the United States found that nearly one million animals are abused or killed in domestic violence each year.

They treat animals cruelly, even take these animals to vent their emotions, in their eyes, this is very fun, the life of animals is dirt, there is no fear of life.

But in fact so despise life behind, the lack of life education.

Because they do not understand the value of every life, do not know how to cherish animals, will do such a cruel thing.

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  1. In fact, behind such contempt for life is a lack of life education.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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