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The general fierce bandits are in local ramble crime

At that time, the most chaotic stations were all kinds, and the most chaotic station in the station was Guangzhou Station. Many people talked about Guangzhou Station, just as they talk about the Middle East now.Even in 2000, pamphlets were sold on the street stalls, called “The Guangzhou Station Survival Guide (updated with the latest anti-theft Techniques)” or “How to Avoid being Robbed by flying car gangs”.

Memory, history, sociology, education

Speaking of “bikers”, those who are a little older know that it means that a motorcycle runs by with a hand stretched out on the motorcycle to grab anything. This kind of thing happened so frequently that it even changed the living habits of many people at that time. For example, people would not walk near the road and walk against the wall, so as to prevent bikers from looting.This is a bit like the Romans, the late Roman security is very bad, everyone keep to the left, right hand space, you can draw sword at any time.

At this point, you may be wondering, “What? Criminals are rampant. Is nobody in charge?”

Of course not, then not only tube, and really take the life tube, those years every year not to say the police, the railway police injured sacrifice hundreds of thousands of pickpockets every year, this is still the police officers’ record.

Badly and robbing the gang is often capable of anything, and often have a number of advantages, there was a central directives, nine northeastern confrontation robbing passengers on the train, the two police arrived, in order to prevent the injured passengers didn’t dare to shoot, the two sides a melee, police finally stabbed down, after the bandits robbed the pistols and property and roared off.This later to shock the central, special instructions, soon caught the group.

Why the emphasis on them as the “North-eastern bandits”?Because the general fierce bandits are in the local ramble crime, only the northeast at that time the local competition is too fierce, spread to commit crime throughout the country.If the Shanxi people in Shanxi did the case, do not need to emphasize the “Shanxi fierce bandits”, the field just need to emphasize.This matter has shown that the Northeast people at that time had begun to venture into the world.

The others were much the same. Police casualties in those years were also very high, and later a part of the army was simply converted into armed police to fight the bandits.

And confrontation with the police of the world is not between a few months a few days, sometimes lasts for more than ten years, such as the famous “china-russia international railway heist”, is in May 1993, four confrontation gang ransacked China to a train in Russia, astonished that a year had more than seventy people, 30 people have been shot or life.One of the principal culprits was not caught until 2006, and escaped for 13 years without escaping.

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