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There were many people who did not have guns

More magical is, if encounter robber at that time, you shoot him on the spot, not only need not take legal responsibility, still can go to get reward.

Memory, history, sociology, education

It is wrong, I thought I remember from the home, specifically asked my relatives, he was sports car, he said that is not very normal, you know you two uncle his brother-in-law, a spade dance 2, dry four road bandits, killing one, reward 2000 yuan, the 1500 pieces of his pig farm is home, I said that 500 left?He said he bought a bicycle and a sewing machine recorder for his son.

When I wrote the article, I further checked that CCTV actually reported this move in Hubei province, which also reflected the helplessness of facing such problems at that time from another aspect.

At this point, you may be wondering, are drivers rich? Why rob drivers on the road?.

In fact in the nineties, is a very cow force professional drivers, the home have a car is very long, at that time the driver’s salary is very high, I have a university students, has thousands of square meters of house in Shanghai, his father is when the driver before, in the late ninety s to about income, cash flow, clairvoyance tuen a lot of room in Shanghai, then send a demolition.You know, at that time, the housing price of Shanghai was also around 1000, 000, and the average salary of state-owned enterprises was 300, 400.

And at that time, people do business, unlike now can transfer at any time, are carrying a large amount of cash, a robber is accurate, so looting this kind of high-risk things were done, not only some people do, but also everywhere, all over the country.

Most egregious of all, at that time, there were many people who did not have guns in their hands and were so frightened that they went to the army or the government to grab the guns of the sentinels on guard and committed crimes with the guns they had stolen.So you see in the last century’s major crimes, they often kill the police, then grab the gun, and then to commit the crime.

If you don’t have a gun and you can’t find one, you can do something about it.People in the village used to master the skills of making black gunpowder. When I was a child, the farmers in our village used to play with explosives.

In the last century in Guizhou, farmer Meng Yongfu buried explosives on the railway, blew up the chongqing to Nanning 293 train, killed six people on the spot, blew up three cars, he took looting, robbed a lot of money.It was with great difficulty that the man was caught.

Of course, the bombing of the train is a basic dead-end operation, after all, out of such a big event, the government can not ignore, as long as the investment of a large number of resources, experienced old criminal investigators of all check, basically can be found out, found out is a dead.

So the fashion at the time was to get on the train with a knife and a gun and frisk each other. After all, everyone on the bus had some money, and hijacking provided a steady flow of cash.So there was a famous saying at the time that “every train is a mobile bank”.

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