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If there was one thing that characterized the ’90s

This is mainly related to the background at that time, when the founding of the People’s Republic of China was plagued by bandits, scattered soldiers everywhere, and later the Government dropped a large number of spies into mainland China, and these spies especially like to attack the government, schools, road robbery and so on, so at that time farms, drivers, school teachers have guns.

And then make the militia, to be ready for world war ii, most militias as high as 30 million, when the militias are guns, amount of guns on the people, a few extra-large (until later, only at the top, consider the “three wars” could not play, only issued the most stringent handgun ban in 1996, but it is completely finished collection, to last until 2000.

For example, zhang Jun, the original character in The novel, watched Shaolin Temple many times in his early years and carefully imitated it, which laid a certain foundation for later committing violent crimes.And in 1991, he robbed a wholesale cigarette shop at gunpoint.

Then from 1991 to 2000, their gang traveled to Chongqing, Hunan, Hubei and Yunnan, where they intentionally killed 28 people, injured more than 20 people and looted more than 5 million yuan. Considering the scarcity, the purchasing power of 5 million yuan at that time is now several hundred million yuan.

Zhang Jun was caught by Wen Qiang until later to be shot, but Wen Qiang is not a good comrade, put out a gang, he became a number of gang umbrella, was sentenced to death in 2000, the only pity is, Wen Qiang this goods is injected to die, should be shot to kill this goods just right, the back of the head by a gun to complete the redemption.

Say more, some time ago I in weibo to ask what’s shot, experienced weibo users concrete operating steps are given, under the careful study, beneficial and different provinces, some play heart, hands tied knot near the heart, when shot then looked at the junction, in some places the neck and head, anyway do not hit back, easy to play ground was:

If there was one thing that characterized the ’90s, it was the road bandits.How rampant were the bandits then? I found a document from Shanxi Province in 1993:

Since 1991, there have been 7,435 cases of banditry and road bullying in Shanxi Province, including 3,501 cases of robbery, 2,723 cases of theft, 596 cases of gangsters and injuries, 166 cases of homicide, 77 cases of looting and 26 other cases.

As far back as I can remember, in 1994 or so, I’ve been particularly impressed with the sawed off shotgun, then known as “the troll.”It looks something like this, but not as good:

Every time the drivers of the town go out for a transport (we have a coal mine over there, and the cars are mine), a bunch of people set off together and put the troll in the car before they set off, and the drivers set up something near the seat that looks like a water cup to put the troll out.Moreover, the bullets were also made by the peasants themselves, loaded with iron sand and black gunpowder made by the peasants.

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  1. I learned about the hardships and hardships of migrant workers’ life at that time, and cherish the life now more. Thank you for your wonderful article, thank you for sharing, the quality is very high.

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