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But let’s focus today on the first stage

In the last two days, the movie “Except For Violence” came out, and it got mixed reviews, but I’m not going to talk about movies today and talk about the crazy days of the ’90s.

Teresa Teng, the road to fame, the singing circle

Looking back now, China after 1978 can be clearly divided into three stages.

The first period is about 1978 to 2000, when the overall style is chaotic and brutal growth.

In the second stage, from 2000 to 2008, China engaged in foreign trade, with exports contributing more than 30% of GDP each year. Thanks to China’s huge demographic dividend (family planning and education for all), the manufacturing industry experienced explosive growth around that time.

The third stage is from 2008 to now, foreign trade began to weaken, the Internet economy rose, and slowly turned to domestic demand and infrastructure.

But let’s focus today on the first stage, the ’90s, even though the’ 80s were a lot messier, but I didn’t remember that, so I didn’t know that much.

At that time, the society changed from planned economy to market economy, which affected almost everyone. In this tide, no one could escape, and a lot of fantastic things happened every day.

At that time, everyone was confused and looked forward to the system, but there were only so many holes in the system. Some people who were free from the system broke through in their belts, some became fierce bandits, some became entrepreneurs.

The confrontation and entrepreneurs together on doesn’t seem reasonable, but in those days, the two are about the same industry, people who are not afraid of adventure, outside of life and death in the degree in the two industries, so that s out a pile of well-known confrontation, also cultivated a lot of entrepreneurs, in addition to spell tome group more bytes that younger company, now those well-known enterprises in our country, such as several surnamed ma, and telecoms giant, is basic in the nineties.

At that time, everyone don’t know where the future, can only be each to break, and every day there are all sorts of myths, teachers’ salaries only two a year, the Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher 7800 wages, but someone selling fake shoes can make thousands of a day in the south, roughly equivalent to one day can earn millions now, and these people often are some dirty stuff, strong interest, more and more people can no longer sit still, many people started the waves.

Was combined with the years Hong Kong film and jin yong’s cologne flood period, a lot of young people less healthy, this is not my talk nonsense, renmin university of China have doctoral dissertations, the doctor is not afraid of hard work, interviewed a lot of people at that time in prison, found that basic obsession Hong Kong film and the novel about swordsmen, and immersion, it read the novels and movies to change the outlook on life, is not to say that the martial arts with bad for young people, but said that trifle great impact in the idea of small town youth, and light of life and death light law before shot.

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  1. Everyone does not know where the future is, can only be broken by everyone.Thank you for your wonderful article, thanks for sharing, quality is very high.

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