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This is not the right way to give away privacy

At the end of the day, it’s still too cavalier about privacy, especially about other people’s privacy.

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When the privacy of Shanghai was disclosed before, I wrote about this matter on weibo and called the Internet police. I hope this matter can be solved as soon as possible.

This is not the right way to give away privacy. I would have thought that was the consensus.

Another weibo user, who said she was a “volunteer inspector and member of the Patriotic Squad,” wrote me a private message, calling me a “hater of the Communist Party of China” and a “spy.”

If the document is true, this is an apparent leak of information, not the same thing as an official notification of the itinerary of confirmed cases.

Officials report confirmed cases, just where the patient has been.And those that leak privacy documents, in addition to the itinerary, there are names, ID numbers, cell phone numbers.

This is a completely different matter. How can it be confused?

I understand that in order to prevent the epidemic, part of citizens’ privacy needs to be granted. But obviously, there is no need to disclose privacy here, so it should be protected in any way.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, but I defend it.What’s more, I don’t know where I learned all this from, since I became a “spy” and a “hate the National Party”.

Perhaps such privacy breaches have occurred so many times that some people have made it a daily occurrence.After reading the comments, I can see why there is such a leak:

Because a lot of people, they really don’t think that privacy is important, especially other people’s privacy is not important.

When it comes to other people, it’s “privacy that doesn’t matter,” it’s “privacy that’s not as important as the epidemic,” and I wonder if they will continue to think that way when their own privacy is invaded in the future.

So if we want to solve this problem, we need to let more people know that privacy is important.

Our privacy is important, as is the privacy of others.

Start with the people inside.I hope that the public security system can be used to punish the information disclosure of similar things:

At the same time, this kind of documents with the privacy of citizens, can be added a secret, there is no password can’t be opened, only internal personnel have a password.

Two things together, that might help a little bit.

I also hope that every netizen, when seeing such a document, consciously do not forward, remind publishers to withdraw the document.If you really want to send, you should also delete the private information in the file before sending.

In addition to the convenience of others, increasing the awareness of privacy is also a convenience for ourselves.

I’m sure you don’t want privacy flying around.

Believe you also don’t want to be unknown so sand sculpture net friend comment, not say you are small three.

Believe you also don’t want, suddenly many dozens of people add you WeChat, want to say something to you some have no.

If no one has a sense of privacy, no one can be immune.

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