Understanding is the parent's highest love for their children

Wasn’t it her luck to meet Paul Wong?

In Woman 30+, Qi said that it was her husband’s understanding and tolerance that enabled her to devote herself to her work with him as her backer.

Understanding is the parent's highest love for their children

In the face of gossip, the two always tolerate and understand each other.It is because of their commitment to each other that they can grow together in marriage.

The more qi Wei lives, the more freedom she has, the more emboldened she is to become an independent woman in the new era. 

Lee, on the other hand, did not stop. He learned how to be a good husband and gradually figured out how to be a good father and balance the relationship between work and family better.

They cherish each other more and become better parents, setting the best example for their daughter.

“Happy families are all alike.” Debbie’s mom and dad, too, love each other dearly.

When taking part in “Day Day Up”, Huang Guanzhong was “dazzled by cue”, but he didn’t feel the slightest loss of face, instead, he looked proud.

He also once said a “love quote” : “I am so unlucky that I have to work harder than others in everything, probably because all my luck was used to meet Chu Yin.

And for Chu Yin, meet Huang Guanzhong is not her lucky?

Asked by Venus “Is Paul Wong the hero of the world in your heart?”, Chu Yin replied firmly: “He is.”

Zhou guoping said, “If a family is harmonious and parents love each other, a child can spend his childhood in an atmosphere of love and happiness, and his life will have a warm and bright background, which can guarantee his mental health and good eq.”

Huang Guanzhong and Zhu Yin’s marriage, has the purple xia fairy and the matchless hero’s romance.That’s why Debbie, who grew up surrounded by their love, was so tender, loving and empathetic.

We often regard better living conditions and educational resources as the top pursuit of our families.

But in fact, the best part of a family is the laughter and tears, songs and praise of love.

As Emerson said, the home should be the father’s kingdom, the mother’s world, the child’s paradise.

The love a daughter receives is complete and healthy only when her parents love her.

In fact, the process of parents’ education of children is also the process of their own continuous perception and learning.There are many ways to educate a child, but instead of being judgmental or coddling, encouragement based on love and instruction combined with flexibility is the way a child is most willing to accept, and the best way for a child.

Parenthood is a journey in need of love. Please adorn a child’s heart with the most full of love and add a bright and tender background color to her life.

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