Social, educational, group influence

If everyone comments online with this attitude

Both of these points make sense, so I understand those who criticize her for being irresponsible, but I think either the accusations or the subsequent punishment should stop here.

Social, educational, group influence

Behind what say this girl is to do peripheral, say what she grow too ugly nobody want, say “do chicken glorious” comment, belong to with too much malicious speculation.

After all, you don’t even know who she is and what she’s doing. How could you imagine all this information?With a streaming record?

It’s not illegal for a young person to go to a bar, it’s not illegal for a young person to come home late, but it’s illegal for you to say that someone is “on the outside” without knowing anything. Sorry, it’s illegal.

Another blogger said, “Don’t be surprised if you go three or four times a night, it’s a normal part of young people’s lives.” Immediately, a lot of people jumped up and said, “That seems abnormal to me!”

As if the whole world can only have A normal life, as long as A normal, that and A different, all abnormal.

If everyone comments online with this attitude, there will only be endless arguments.

Everyone can have their own “normal life”, as long as they don’t break the law or commit crimes, they have nothing to do with others.

Whether “Sister Zhao” is running around knowing she has a new crown is unclear.But what we can confirm is that the information with Sister Zhao’s exact name, ID number, and specific address to her house number should never have been published on social media.

In other words, the controversy in Chengdu is due to the leakage of streaming privacy.

I can’t even remember how many times this happened.

Last time in Tianjin it was like this:

It was the same in our Shanghai last time:

Not only is there everyone’s home address, down to their house number, but there’s also their mobile phone id number, even their height, weight, BMI, and how many rooms and living rooms they have…

I typed all the yards

Obviously, privacy disclosure is the most important problem.

This time of Chengdu, is everybody scold together “zhao Elder sister”.The last time in Shanghai, is we eat melon, feel flow in the male master is really too good to tying:

The more you talk, the sweeter you will be.

Marketing number began to build topics for the Japanese:

Insist that this is a “beautiful love”.

Then there are people who do not know where to news, insist that she is “small three” .

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