Social, educational, group influence

The cause is another screenshot from somewhere

Today, the whole micro blog is scolding Sister Zhao.

Social, educational, group influence

Not only are the names of the people under investigation, but the ID number and the address to the house number are also clearly written.

A blogger posted a video in which a girl exaggerates kissing a guy in a nightclub (the guy looks miserable) and then says the girl is irresponsible.

It later said the video was not a woman surnamed Zhao at all.

Some netizens said that she had not even been taken away from the five places she visited. She must have been too long.

Other netizens concluded that this person is definitely a peripheral conclusion, and all those who speak for her are “doing chicken” and “peripheral”.

If you look at the comment section, it’s even harder.

I understand the anger of people in Chengdu. After all, she is the granddaughter of the confirmed COVID-19 case. If she runs out and plays around when she knows her family has been diagnosed, she really deserves to be called “irresponsible”.

However, according to current reports, Zhao’s grandmother, Surnamed Lu, was diagnosed on December 7 and went to the hospital for investigation on December 6 due to cough and sputum.

When Zhao went to play on December 5, she did not know that her grandmother had been diagnosed with the new crown.On December 7, after her grandmother was diagnosed with COVID-19, she also went to the fever clinic of the hospital for a test.

Both are fine.

The biggest question is whether she knew when she went out on December 6 that her grandmother might be diagnosed.

People who think she doesn’t know have a reason:

She doesn’t usually live with her grandmother, but rents it out with friends. Plus, she loves to play, so she probably doesn’t even know about her grandmother’s health condition.

People who think she knows have a reason:

This year is a special time in China, and the old person is susceptible to COVID-19. There is a cough in the family, which has been widely spread in the community. How could she not know it?She’s a lucky dog who knows what she’s doing!

Both of these points make sense, so I understand those who criticize her for being irresponsible, but I think either the accusations or the subsequent punishment should stop here.

Behind what say this girl is to do peripheral, say what she grow too ugly nobody want, say “do chicken glorious” comment, belong to with too much malicious speculation.

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