Understanding is the parent's highest love for their children

Lee also mentioned this point.

If understanding is the most important thing a parent can do for a child, he should get a score of 100 right now.

Understanding is the parent's highest love for their children

But instead of doting on Lucky, he would gently and patiently tell her that “you can’t mess around with what you care about” when his daughter’s “treasure” was recovered.

In addition, he repeatedly stressed to Lucky that “a lot of people are going to trouble over this,” because he attached particular importance to Lucky’s ability to think of others.

In the interview, Lee also mentioned this point.

He Shared that when he took Lucky out for a outing, he ran into kids spitting and throwing things at others, while the parents nearby seemed indifferent and said, “It’s ok, he’s still a kid.”

Lee was so disgusted by the image that he paid special attention to Lucky’s sense of politeness.He would seriously tell her that she could not do something that she absolutely could not do, and if she did, she would be punished.

Because of this, Lucky was quick to recognize her mistake after covering someone’s mouth in a fit of excitement.Then she apologizes, and even persuades the other children to do so with some justification.

On principles and safety education, Lee left no room for manoeuvre.

Lucky even got spanked twice, once for using makeup and once for playing with a power plug.

Gentle guidance on small details, extremely strict on rules and boundaries.

I have to say, Lee Cheng-hyun is really a wise father.

A famous man said, “One father is worth a hundred schoolmasters.”

To raise a daughter is far from enough to pamper her. A father who knows how to be firm and gentle in education is the best guide for a child’s life.

Parents love each other, is the daughter growth of the biggest confidence

Both dads have their own strengths in raising their daughters, and their common strength is that they provide their daughters with a loving family.

Lee Seung-hyun and Qi Wei once participated in a variety show called my Little Couple together.

The two went on a sugar binge, feeding countless single dogs.In fact, their marriage was not expected at the beginning, because the female was strong and the male weak, Qi Wei’s career and fame were much better than Lee’s.

Lee, who chose to give up his career after marriage to become a stay-at-home dad, was even later labeled as a “soft rice man”, with Internet users always calling him “Husband Qi Wei”.

At first, he was not comfortable with the marriage pattern and was afraid his mother-in-law would have a problem with him.But luckily qi was able to understand and appreciate his sacrifice.

In Woman 30+, Qi said that it was her husband’s understanding and tolerance that enabled her to devote herself to her work with him as her backer.

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