Dads have fun and fun with their kids

The depth of a father’s love determines

Hide for a long time “think a way! Father”, finally broadcast in the mainland.

The first time I opened the video, I found so many surprises.Dads get along with their children in an interesting and exciting way, and the ways of getting along with several families are also worth learning from.

Dads have fun and fun with their kids

Two of the five families are daughters. One is Lucky, the daughter of Qi Wei and Lee Seung-hyun, and the other is Debbie, the daughter of “Purple Xia Fairy” Chu Yin and Wong Kwan Chung.

The two girls, one as lively as an elf lovely, one as gentle and kind as an angel, in the combination of more and less girls cute baby seems to attract eyes.

But it is the parenting wisdom of the two “cat Dads” behind them that draws even more attention than the girls’ performances.Lucky’s dad Lee Seung-hyun and Debbie’s dad Wong Kwan Chung are both singers. What’s the difference between the two dads’ opening styles?

Father dear affirmation, is the daughter “warm heart” source

Debbie’s dad Paul Wong is a very down-to-earth dad.Like many dads, he was overwhelmed by the need to carry a baby alone.

But he and Debbie are getting along better with one technique: affirmation of Love.

One time, the program let the cute children to carry out tasks alone, one of the tasks is to bring back a gift to their father.Debbie knew that her father liked coffee best, so she bought a cup of coffee for him.However, due to the long journey, the coffee was accidentally spilled on the way, so she bought a new bottle of drink.

But Lucky, who was traveling with her on the way back, suddenly felt thirsty and drank the drink she had bought for her father without asking.

Debbie was so upset that her father’s present had another accident that she began to cry.

Lucky immediately apologized and bought her a new drink.After many twists and turns, the gift was finally handed to his father safely.

Wong was so happy to receive the gift that he immediately gave Debbie a big hug.He even couldn’t help showing off to other dads: She didn’t buy anything for herself, but coffee for me.

The smile of contentment replaced Debbie’s grievance as she was hugged by her father.

As long as I get my father’s affirmation, no matter how much I have been wronged, it is worth it.

Another night, Debbie saw her dad carrying a lot of stuff, so she offered to help him with it.

Baba, like a Superman, was carrying a parcel larger than half his size.He also asked her if she wanted hugs, but Debbie’s response was surprisingly warm: “No, I don’t want you to be so tired.”

Hearing this sentence, Huang Guanzhong was immediately warm, gentle and sincere thanks to his daughter.

Throughout the show, I heard Wong repeating the words to his daughter the most, which were “Thank you,” “Good boy,” “You’re great…

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